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Runs & Races

Sunday Seconding


Once a year every club member, who is able to, takes a turn to help with Sunday club run seconding. Our Sunday club runs have a water point every 3km. Usually we have two seconding cars. The seconder gets to second every alternate water point.

We maintain a  seconding schedule here. If you are a member, please check the schedule and make sure you have a date selected. If you haven't seconded before, don't worry, we will show you how. All you need is a car.


Here are some tips on seconding:

  • Need to arrive at Swiss Club ~06:15 for 06:30 start in summer and ~06:45 for 07:00 start in winter – one of the committee members will open up then for you.
  • Bring 1 or 2 old towels for covering your seats if you need to transport sweaty runners.
  • Need 2 cars for 24K and less, and 3 cars for 30K and more – club captains will arrange people for seconding.
  • Seconding members are welcome to measure out a course or they can use one of our standard routes – these can be obtained from Leon.
  • Out and Back routes are preferred because these are オンライン カジノ easier to second and people are less likely to get lost – please ensure the actual distance is to within 500m of the required distance (you could check your vehicle odometer against measured Km).
  • A bag of ice per seconding vehicle is always good – you can claim back for this from the seconding money.
  • Sweets and biscuits and ice for runs of 30K and more – you can claim back for this from the seconding money.
  • Rinse and fill 2 water dispensers at the outside tap per seconding vehicle.
  • 6 x 2l cokes from fridge per seconding vehicle.
  • 200 paper cups per seconding vehicle.
  • 1 x first aid kit per seconding vehicle.
  • A foldable table is available per seconding vehicle if needed.
  • 1 black plastic rubbish bag per seconding vehicle.
  • Seconding money to be collected in paper cup from everyone when they deposit their keys for safekeeping in plastic key tray – R5 for members and R10 for non members.
  • Seconding money to be kept with plastic key tray and handed to Leon or Lynn afterward – the plastic key tray should be left in the seconding vehicle first to get back to the school.
  • Seconders should wait 5 minutes at the start of the run in case runners need a lift from the start.
  • Seconders should take spare maps for the late arrivals.
  • Seconding vehicles should stop every 3K -100m on the route – preferably on the right side so that runners do not have to cross the road.
  • People seconding should be well aware of last runners and advise each other in passing (or by cell-phone) so that no-one is lost or left behind.
  • Cups of coke only half full and runners to use same cup for water, don’t pour more cokes than needed.
  • Afterwards: rinse surface of table, throw away rubbish, pack away everything, lock gate and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
  • Very many thanks – your seconding helps make our club runs so good.



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